Discovering Africa- adventure by ferry and camel

My adventure in Morocco

My adventure in Morocco- African beauty encharmed me from the beginning.

This time it will be sunny adventure. Although it was May, I haven’t avoided heats like I have expected. Fortunately I had cream with high uv filter and comfortable clothes. We start in Spain, Gibraltar, which is actually British Overseas Territory. I booked a ferry in Algeciras – a port city in the south of Spain. I paid only 30 euros to get to Africa. The port of Algeciras is one of the largest ports in Europe, did you know that? We arrive to Tanger-Med and the African adventure begins!

I took Supratours coaches to get to Rabat and Casablanca. Before I went into the wild I really wanted to see those cities, especially that they are co close. Moroccan kitchen is rather dietetic and after 16 days in there I lost 4 kilos! I was eating couscous, tagine, calamari and grilled sardines.

Discovering beauty of Morocco…

Walking around Morocco Medina streets

Walking around Morocco Medina streets

Of course, to every meal I ordered mint tea. The prices are really good in this country and if you find a place where locals are eating, you will pay 1 euro for a meal. In touristic places you will pay 5-15 euros. And one more thing: freshly squeezed orange juices. They are so delicious, I think their oranges are sweeter that any other I’ve ever tried! The the price is around 0,30 euro per glass. Sounds good, isn’t it? After taking some pictures in the city, buying argan oil and some spices it’s time to leave to Marrakesh, from where I booked a trip to the desert.

The night on the sand

Sahara desert night sleeping

Sleeping on the sand… Amazing.

I had one day to spend in Marrakesh, which was of course amazing, but the real adventure between the sand dunes was calling me softly all the time! We rode more than 4 hours before we finally reached the place, where camels were waiting.

The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands… The wind was blowing. Guides advised us to buy keffiyeh, which protects you from the sand. The ride was amazing.

Desert and camels

The further we went, the wilder it was…

Sometimes I had to close my eyes and trust my camel that he knows where we are going 🙂 The plan was to spend 5 days on the desert.

Our means of transport were rocking us in the saddle. But they were cute anyway. For me camels look like they are smiling all the time. In the night we had little supper with Berber tea, of course. The further we went, the wilder it was. Only sand and sand everywhere… The best thing was a silence and wind ominously blowing on our covered faces. Sleeping on the desert is really relaxing. Only you and the nature. The only thing which made me almost die was seeing camel spiders. Those scary creatures appear near caravans. They are huge and look like scorpio- spider, which is definition of everything I consider repulsive. Some thrill was inevitable I guess. Well, the whole African trip is really a good memory now.

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  1. Omina says:

    You must be so brave! I was only once in Africa and it was Egypt. But we were only near the hotel and on the beach, I can’t imagine going like you, into the wild desert :O anyway, regards from Lativia!

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